PropArmor Anti-Fouling Alternative & Running Gear Protection.

Protect Sea Strainers, Intakes, Trim Tabs, Propellors On Sail & Power Boats

Marine Growth Protection

- The Advantages -

  • Speed Performance
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Better Handling
  • Fuel Savings
  • Affordable
  • Easy To Apply
  • No Contractor Needed
  • Non-toxic
Thanks proparmor for making my job of servicing these sea strainers much easier.
Good performance for the money.
Finally a product that is environmentally ok and is relatively inexpensive compared to others.
I like the fact I am using an antifoul that is natural, and it works!
Mega Yacht Protection

The Damage of Fouling.

Yacht and boat owners are familiar with the problems resulting from long term exposure of surfaces to marine and fresh water environments. Fouling, the accumulation of barnacles, tubeworms, zebra mussels, slime and algae, is a significant issue that reduces the performance of vessels. The results are slower speeds, increased fuel consumption, extended dry-docking and higher maintenance costs. Propellers will lose power due to fouling. Expenses such as lifting and time consuming cleanings can add up. Protection from fouling is a worthwhile effort.

Protecting with PropArmor.

Coating underwater gear with PropArmor is considered the best method to deal with fouling. This method is easier and less costly than dry-docking and expensive cleanings.

PropArmor is suitable and compatible for use protecting all types of underwater metals including bronze, nibral, stainless steel, painted metals, and aluminum. PropArmor is lead free and does not contain Tributyl Tin (TBT), pesticides, biocides, or other toxins.

Proper application of PropArmor creates a smooth, slippery surface with foul release properties. Use of PropArmor has shown a reduction in damage due to electrolysis. Another reason to try some today!